"We invented the concept 'purpose'; in reality, purpose is lacking" – Nietzsche

Beer Without Alcohol

Everyone I know is anti-capitalist. Even the most pro-capitalist person I know – my aunt, who is a Tamil Ayn Rand – criticizes capitalism because she believes it destroys the “spiritual community of human beings” (She is a Sai Baba devotee). Suddenly, everyone is a radical and everything is anti-capitalist. And if we read certain ‘left’ pamphlets, we might even get convinced that the revolution is at the doorstep. Suddenly, there is spiritual community between the London riots, and Ferguson, and Baltimore and all such eruptions of rage of the oppressed. Suddenly, vegans, ecofeminists, liberals, anti-racists, Brahmins, shitty novelists, flop Tamil movie directors, James Cameron have all become allies in the fight against capitalism. Even assuming that all these are anti-capitalist, what are they fighting for? From where I stand, it seems everyone are only fighting for “beer without alcohol”, or capitalism without the harm and stupor that it brings about. I prefer beer with alcohol, especially super strong beer.


Conversations with a postcolonialist:

X: Caste is a structural problem in India

Y: Yeah, but the West is responsible for this

X: Iran routinely violates rights of minorities

Y: Yeah, but the West is responsible for this

X: Islamism is a global threat

Y: Yeah, but the West is responsible for this

X: My girlfriend is pregnant

Y: Yeah, but the West…


Some popular terms in identity politics and what they really mean

1. Diversity – Everyone deserves the right to be an asshole.
2. Particularism – My asshole is unique.
3. Tolerance – Your fart smells nice.
4. Pluralism – All our farts smell nice.
5. Multiculturalism – But non-European farts are the best.
6. Check your privilege – I do not have any theoretical arguments.
7. Intersectionality – .Compensation for point 6.
8. Postcolonialism – European colonial bastards should be replaced, by Asian and Arab bastards.
9. Islamophobia – Anything that disputes the sacred status of Islam.
10. People of color – A happy united family fighting together for their cute, anti-European values.
11. Solidarity – Something reserved for Palestine.
12. Subaltern – Gayatri Spivak’s intellectual colony.
13. Racism – Only Whites and Jews can do this, cos all others are innocent.
14. Eurocentrism – I hate Hegel.
15. Third World – The West cannot fuck us up… we will do it ourselves.

Thesis Blues

Have been staring at the same blank page of the New Microsoft Word Document for the past few weeks. My eyes blink at the screen and the cursor blinks back at me. Read some books and a few dozen articles, none of which have contributed to my work. I thought I might get inspiration from fiction, but fiction only inspired me to stay away from my Really Existing Thesis. Got into stupid pseudo-political fights with jobless nuts on facebook and twitter, just for the laughs, but mostly because I wanted to provoke someone into saying something interesting. Spewed hatred on vegans, liberals, believers, capitalists, communists, misogynists, pluralists, racists, anti-racists, everyone who came in my line of fire. I imagined a massacre, but the only real casualty was time. Boredom is the burden of existence. I am going to make biryani and eat it myself.

Postmodern ‘Love’

They liked each other. Like the likes on Facebook. There was this or that particular quality in the other that one liked. There was no need to consider a universality.

Theirs was a relationship characterized by absence of great passions, because they felt passions were essentially violent.

They preserved their self unaltered when together, avoiding ruptures to mind or soul.

They avoided jealousy, possessiveness, fanaticism and faith and replaced them with sobriety, balance, tolerance and reason.

There was always a place for a third, a fourth or a fifth to share their intimacy. They shunned the pains of singularity and embraced the pleasures of pluralism.

They believed neither in the strength nor in the endurance of great emotions, preferring to live life at the moment.

They called it love in postmodern times.

I call it the logic of pornography.

Romantic Idealism and Realism

The binary between romantic idealism and realism is a false one. A true radical has to be both; a romantic idealist as regards his ends and a realist as regards his means. One who is a realist as regards the ends is a status-quoist and/or a defeatist while one who is a romantic idealist as regards the means is a nincompoop.

Nations of the World

There are three types of nations in this world – those that know to commit genocide, those that know to resist genocide, and those that get extinct. Yes, a society deserves to suffer that which it is unable to prevent.


A greater tragedy than not getting what you wished for is getting what you wished for and it turning out to be not what you wanted. Case to consider РCommunism. 


Both music and noise come under the category of sound. While music is rhythmic organization of sound, which can also find poignant expression in the absence of sound, noise is sound without form or substance or style. Any thinking person would violently reject calling one who knows to make only noise a musician. Imagine someone kicking trash cans on the street claiming to play the 9th symphony. However, anyone who knows to use some words, to put together some sentences as an article shamelessly calls himself/herself a writer and we have to put up with it. Such is the sorry state of words today.

A Dream Worth Having

(even though it might never materialize)

guillotineWe wish in our country that morality may be substituted for egotism, probity for false honour, principles for usages, duties for good manners, the empire of reason for the tyranny of fashion, a contempt of vice for a contempt of misfortune, pride for insolence, magnanimity for vanity, the love of glory for the love of money, good people for good company, merit for intrigue, genius for wit, truth for tinsel show, the attractions of happiness for the ennui of sensuality, the grandeur of man for the littleness of the great, a people magnanimous, powerful, happy, for a people amiable, frivolous and miserable; in a word, all the virtues and miracles of a Republic instead of all the vices and absurdities of a Monarchy.”

Robespierre, On the Principles of Political Morality