"We invented the concept 'purpose'; in reality, purpose is lacking" – Nietzsche

My Bookshelf

25550264_1394331764009634_9132624213657970746_nThe book I couldnt put down – Koestler’s Darkness at Noon.

The book I couldnt pick up – Joyce’s Ulysses.

The book you gave me which I havent read yet – Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina.

The book I brought to the beach – Shelley’s Prometheus Unbound.

The book I tried so hard to like – Gorky’s Mother. Its crap.

The book I somehow own three copies of – Goethe’s Faust.

The book that saved my life – Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People.

The book I lent you – Nothing. I dont lend books. Go to a library.

The book I fall asleep to every night – Not every night, but I slept with (no pun) Don Quixote for almost a year.

The book I mistook for a hat – My 7th standard Hindi textbook. It also served as tissue paper.

The book I am desperately trying to write – “On Sublation: Hegel After Nietzsche”. Not likely to be out till 2030.

All the books that changed my life – Were written by dead White males and pro-Enlightenment non-Brahmin thinkers.


Meanwhile in England:

X: Jeremy Corbyn is a racist.

Y: Why?

X: He didnt attend the royal wedding. 

Y: Lol. How does that make him a racist?

X: The #RoyalWedding is a celebration of #BlackExcellence. He insulted it.

Y: So monarchy is fine now?

X: Dont you want diversity in the Royal Family?

Y: But we leftists dont want a royal family at all.

X: You are jealous of a Black Queen! You are a racist too!

X runs away screaming “Wakanda Forever” like a psychotic hysteric.

Delhi Liberals Be Like…

X: We must defeat the BJP by any means necessary!

Y: Yes! We must support OBC-Dalit unity and political assertion.

X: No no no no. That’s identity politics and is doomed to fail. And what about the OBC elites?

Y: Ok. We must support the unity of Southern States and other regional assertions against the North.

X: No no no no. That’s secession. And what about the poor Hindi laborers?

Y: Ok. We must frame an ideological counteroffensive with the thoughts of Marx-Ambedkar-Periyar.

X: No no no no. Marx is good, Ambedkar is also good – when read along with Bhagat Singh. The other guy did not talk about globalization. And what about Nehru?

Y: So what do you actually mean by fighting BJP by any means necessary?

X: Well, I have started a hashtag movement #StandWithJNU. Signing on to it is a great start.

Y: …

Conversation Between Hollywood Liberals

X: I want to make a movie justifying American military intervention in the Middle-East. But I am afraid the leftists here will tear it apart.

Y: Its simple. Make sure that the lead and supporting characters are Black.

X: The left wont criticize it then? 

Y: Not just that, they will celebrate it – and will also accuse critics of being racist.

X: Lol. Are they that dumb?

Y: You have no idea.

Indian Campus Left

X: They are collecting DNA samples and biometric data from Muslim citizens.

Y: Down with Modi! Down with Hindutva!

X: Err.. Its not happening in India. 

Y: Oh.. Down with Trump! Down with Islamophobia!

X: Not in the US too.

Y: Oh.. Down with Burma! Down with..

X: Hey, stop bro. Its in China actually. In Xinjiang.

Y: Wha? Er. Um. Its a ploy to destabilize an emerging Third World power. You know that there is heavy CIA presence in Jingjang?

X: Xinjiang.

Y: Whatever. I am going to down a rum bottle. Care to join?

X: Sure. Lal Salaam.

Y: Lal Salaam.

And the Hindu Right

X: The invasion of Bengal involved a terrible bloodbath. One author described it as such – “This time none escaped, Brahmanas, and Vaisnavas, Sannyasis, and householders, all had the same fate, and cows were massacred along with men.”

Y: Yes! Muslims were savages.

X: Well, this is about the Maratha invasion of Bengal. 

Y: Wha? No. Cant be. Pack of lies. This must be muslim propaganda.

X: No. The author was one Gangaram…

Y: Must be Pakistan funded.

X: …who lived in the 18th Century.

Y: Then he must have been a communist bastard!

X: Ok… :/

Y: Bharat Mata ki Jai.

India’s Upper Caste Radicals Be Like…

X: I am a Dalit-Bahujan.
Y: Oh. But your surname clearly indicates an upper caste status?
X: Dont ask my caste. My message to the world is more important.
Y: You do realize you are impersonating someone else’s identity right? Like Rachel Dolezal?
X: Oh. Right. Umm. Yeah. I am an Ambedkarite-Buddhist. 
Y: So what of Ambedkar or Buddha have you read?
X: I have a Dalit Buddhist friend. He will teach me things this weekend.
Y: So you have read nothing but you can claim any identitarian or ideological position that you want? This looks like some mighty privilege to me.
X: Who are you to ask me this? What is your caste?
Y: Dont ask my caste. My message to the world is more important. Lol.

American Democrats Be Like

X: What are you reading?
Y: Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844.
X: Why do you want to read that creep Karl Marx?
Y: Creep? Have you read Marx?
X: Never! He abused his white male privilege to exploit his maid. I read this somewhere. 
Y: Somewhere?
X: Yep. Somewhere. But it is true. And his white brocialist friend Engels gaslighted it or something.
Y: So Marxism is bad?
X: Yes. And thoroughly Eurocentric.
Y: So what should I read?
X: Hilary Clinton’s autobiography.
Y: [loads shotgun]

Qualitative person X meets Quantitative person Y at a bar…

X: Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments. Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds…

Y: It has been empirically proven that this is not a fact.


Y: I have data. There is this survey at Harvard that shows that 97% of people…


Beer Without Alcohol

Everyone I know is anti-capitalist. Even the most pro-capitalist person I know – my aunt, who is a Tamil Ayn Rand – criticizes capitalism because she believes it destroys the “spiritual community of human beings” (She is a Sai Baba devotee). Suddenly, everyone is a radical and everything is anti-capitalist. And if we read certain ‘left’ pamphlets, we might even get convinced that the revolution is at the doorstep. Suddenly, there is spiritual community between the London riots, and Ferguson, and Baltimore and all such eruptions of rage of the oppressed. Suddenly, vegans, ecofeminists, liberals, anti-racists, Brahmins, shitty novelists, flop Tamil movie directors, James Cameron have all become allies in the fight against capitalism. Even assuming that all these are anti-capitalist, what are they fighting for? From where I stand, it seems everyone are only fighting for “beer without alcohol”, or capitalism without the harm and stupor that it brings about. I prefer beer with alcohol, especially super strong beer.